Amazing Earth is an Association of freelance photographers, who are also enthusiastic travelers and explorers. Observers of those little details that make our planet ‘amazing’.


Our Earth shares its secrets with us and exhibits wonders that may last for more than a lifetime or as short as the blink of an eye. Once opened these secrets reveal a kaleidoscopic display of thousands of cultural facets.


Photography creates an invisible line of empathy between the subject and the photographer and enables conveyance of emotions that approach and increase awareness of what surrounds us.


The line that separates travel from document photography is very thin. There is no travel for us, without trying to capture and tell little stories of our surprising planet.

The visual language of Photography is our means to do it.


The Amazing Earth members work in tight collaboration with other Photography associations and Non Governmental Organisations on both local and international projects, as well as on individual assignments with media and publishers.


We look forward to meeting you!